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I don’t celebrate¬†halloween and I never have, but I couldn’t resist the chance to dress my baby up as a little skeleton. Isn’t she cute spooky?

It was pointed out to me after my last post celebrating Evelyn being 3 months old that she isn’t actually 3 months until next Saturday (4th November). I don’t know why but my brain just assumed 12 weeks = 3 calender months and forgot that months have more than 4 weeks each. I used to think it was strange counting babies ages in weeks but now I understand why. They grow and change so much at such a speed that every single week is different.

3 months old

This is baby Evelyn. She is 3 months old and I like to think that her dad and I know her quite well.

She is happy in the morning when we wake up, greets us with smiles and waits patiently for me to give her first feed of the day. She likes laying on her changing mat to have her nappy changed. She relaxes by staring at large blocks of colour, especially blue and green.

Her best friend is the monkey hanging in her play gym. She could lay there and chat with him all day. She has lots to say with gurgles and coos and she smiles and frowns as she listens to his replies.

She loves being in the bath and concentrates on kicking and splashing as much as she can. She doesn’t like getting out the bath and getting dry and dressed, usually that makes her cry.

She dribbles a lot and likes to suck on fabric or a little finger but refuses to take a dummy. When she is surprised she pulls a face and opens her eyes wide, this happens quite often.

She loves it when her dad sings to her.

When she feels tired she gets grumpy and needs a lot of help getting to sleep. She like to nap in the day while I’m wearing her in a sling and doesn’t like it when I try to put her down. At night she sleeps in her sidecar cot and never cries, but wakes me with little noises when she feels hungry.

She is pretty perfect and Matt and I love her very much.


Oops, it seems that I had a baby and then never had time or the energy to update my blog about it.

Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant.

And here we are at 39 weeks.

Evelyn Hannah was born on Saturday 4th August at 12.53am. She weighed 7lb 12oz and was 53 cm long. Today she is 28 days old. She is amazing and we love her so much.

Here are her first 4 weeks of life, according to my instagram.

One day I will write about giving birth and the first few weeks of Evelyn’s life, but for now this will do. Baby is sleeping and I am going to bed!